Gorgeous Gray® 2 Go Shampoo

Gorgeous Gray® 2 Go Shampoo


This is one of those show-stopping hair care products that every time you use it, you'll think to yourself, "Why didn't I think of this?" It brings 'looking good on the go,' to a whole new level.

Gray and color-treated hair 'Looking great on the go'

Gorgeous Gray® 2 Go Shampoo is a genius solution for the weary airplane traveler fed up with the whole two-ounce security requirement related to transporting liquids on a plane. Gorgeous Gray® 2 Go Shampoo, is a solid so you can avoid the all too often invasive airport inspection. What's more, it's ideal for camping and hiking trips.

You Can Have Convenience and Healthy Hair in One Product

Formulated with rosemary and lavender, this shampoo will calm you during your travels and keep your hair looking great and always healthy. And you can feel even better about Gorgeous Gray® 2 Go because with no packaging, it's friendly for the environment.

Note that all of our products are safe for color-treated hair and are especially formulated for the texture of gray hair.

Only four simple ingredients: Glycerin base (adds moisture to hair); and three essential oils--lavender (soothing and aids in circulation), rosemary (promotes hair growth) and spearmint (prevents hair loss).


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